Christening for Baby Steve

Mikael and  Swadou held the christening for their new baby boy two weeks after he was born.  Guess what they called him, Steve after our very own!  The whole village get involved with the preparation of the christening, Swadou’s family prepare the vegetables and food and Mikael made a red sauce called Benachin which is eaten with rice.  He also provided the whole village with a lamb which is stewed in a cooking pot over hot coals.  After the christening it is tradition that everyone from the village gets to hold the baby.  Its also customary to have a drink called ‘Attaya’ ingredients of which are; water, loose gunpowder green tea leaves and sugar.  It is boiled in a pot over charcoal and once it is ready the tea is poured into a small drinking glass from a height of about half a meter. This creates the desired foam and is repeated for about 10 minutes until a good foam head forms in the glasses. Then, it’s back into the kettle and back onto the coals to heat up once again.

IMG-20170511-WA0001    IMG-20170511-WA0006

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Congratulations to our Friends in Africa

Mikael and Swadou have had a boy, weighing in at 7lbs 4 oz and guess what, he’s been named after our very own Steve!!  More news to follow…

Baby Steven

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A great day out supporting our local team Stockport County F.C.

Print Approved sponsored the match ball for the home game on 25th March.  With a slow start to the first half and coming out one nil down in the second half, it was all to play for. There must have been some serious team talk at half time as a totally different team appeared for the second half to secure a 2-1 win.  Simon Dawson, our host for the day, provided us with a first class service, the food and guest speakers were fantastic.  If anyone is looking for a really cost-effective hospitality day, I strongly recommend contacting Simon.

Match Ball

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When is VAT applicable for printed items?

VAT is paid on a wide range of everyday products however, the why and when its due is not very clear. There are three main categories for calculating; the standard at 20%, which is levied on most business related items and non essential items which are classed as luxury goods. A reduced rate of  5% is usually found on healthcare items and energy saving products such as home insulation, solar power etc. Zero Rated where it is not applicable, this includes a whole raft of items including some printed materials.

Zero Rated Items

Refers to items that do not require VAT as per ‘VAT Notice 701/10: zero-rating of books and other forms of printed matter’. This notice includes the following:

Pamphlets, Folded Leaflets, leaflets, flyers, newsletters, newspapers, brochures, booklets, books, magazines, catalogues, directories, manuals, sheet music, maps and timetables.

For more information click on the link  VAT Notice 701-10

20% VAT Rated Items

These are the items that require VAT to be paid at 20%. Generally speaking these are items that will be kept, displayed in public or used as a business amenity. This section includes the following items:

Stationery such as letterheads, compliment slips, business cards. As well as envelopes, invoices, labels, appointment cards, tickets, stickers, folders, forms, posters, postcards, invitations, certificates, calendars and coupons or vouchers.

The Exception That Makes The Rule

There are exceptions to most rules and in the printing world there are a few. If you want to order posters you will need to pay standard VAT at 20% due to them being displayed in public or being kept as a souvenir. However, if you are ordering a leaflet that is being distributed by hand, then they are zero-rated. So, what stops a leaflet being a poster or a poster being a leaflet? It is usually defined by the following: a significant amount of text on one side of the leaflet to ensure it is for hand-held reading purposes and not for mounting on walls. Also a printed leaflet size must be no larger than A4 to be classified as a leaflet.

You may be told your printing requires 20% VAT on sight of the artwork, this is in circumstances where it’s not clear. For example, if a brochure which has a form or notes pages within the design, ordinarily a brochure does not require VAT, but if it contains pages inside which are meant to be written onto and these are more than 25% of the pages, then VAT should be charged.

To make this more clear, an eight page brochure which had a single page as a form or notes page would not need vat, if two pages are forms then this would equal 25% so it would need VAT.



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Proud to work with a 133 year brand

County F.C. (640x482)When we were approached by Stockport County FC to produce their printing requirements, how could we say no!  Every lad in Stockport at one time in their lives must have been to Edgeley Park.  In my day I loved watching 6′ 7″ Kevin Francis, incredibly he net 117 goals in only 198 games.

Sure they have had their ups and downs and are the butt of many a joke, they even appear in the Guinness Book of Records for the smallest crowd ever to attend a football league game of 8… and that included a dog!  Also the longest game ever in the football league was County v Doncaster in 1946, that went on for 203 minutes!

My favourite story was when a fire in 1935 burnt down the then, wooden main stand. After everything was under control the fire chief asked one of Stockport County’s staff if the fire had damaged any of their cups…”no”, was the reply, “fortunately  it didn’t reach the canteen”!

With all the ribbing the club has received, they must be doing something right, after 133 years the County Brand continues and is still going strong. There can’t be many other U.K., owned companies who have such a long heritage.

 It’s an honour and a privilege to be a supplier, and all the team at Print Approved wish the club a successful ’15-’16 season!

Article by Steve Bate
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Update From Africa

It’s very close to the rainy season in Gambia and Mikael has gone back to his village and help clear the family peanut farm before the rain arrives.  He is also making plans to marry again.  We are so pleased that he has found happiness again after the dreadful past 12 months saw his wife and child taken from him so cruelly.  Before marriage, Mikael will visit his future wife’s parents with his uncles, brothers and close relatives to inform them he is interested in marrying their daughter.  At this time Mikael will present the girls parent with Kola Nuts.  These nuts are a show of respect for the parents and play an important role in the Gambian culture and traditional social life. The nuts are chewed and are valued for it’s pharmacological effects and euphoriant qualities as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, hunger suppressant, and healing properties.

In other African news, Mikael’s Mother has fully recovered from her eye operation, although unsteady on her legs, she now has more freedom to go about daily life now that her eyesignt has improved.

Recently Mikael’s family and villagers celebrated Tobaski Day.  This day is a public holiday and traditional dress is worn. Tobaski Day is when families throughout Gambia ritually slaughter sheep in a ritual sacrifice.

Mikael and Brothers

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Charity of The Year 2018 – TBC

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Running for The Wellspring Stockport

Lesley GMRThe Great Manchester Run had it all this year, sun, torrential rain, fancy dress and celebrities.  Around 35,000 runners took to the streets of the Manchester city centre on Sunday 22nd May to take part in the Great Manchester Run 10km.  The fancy dress costumes were amazing, with one guy carrying an old fridge on his back, all the way…yes the whole 10km.  It was humbling to see so many heart-felt messages on the backs of runners’ vest saying why they were taking part.

So how did Steve and Lesley go on?  Steve, who had done very little training sprinted around the route with no problem and ended up waiting at the 9km mark for Lesley to finally come down into the last leg approximately 10 minutes later.  So they crossed the line together, their time 1:12:18, not bad going for a couple of novices.  The total amount raised for The Wellspring Stockport was £377.00; thank you to everyone who donated.

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Raising Funds for The Wellspring Stockport

great-manchester-run-official-photo-_sized_optThe Great Manchester Run is fast approaching and the hours of training are taking their toll.  Tired muscles, achy bones, blisters, are a few of the ailments along our journey.  On 22nd May, we’ll be pounding the streets of Manchester in support of The Wellspring Stockport.  So far, Lesley has raised almost £300, whilst Steve is still to get his act together, but we have faith he’ll get organised before the big day. 

If you would like to support us and donate you can drop Steve an email or go to Lesley’s JustGiving page…

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How to trim the fat and improve efficiency

Effective print management is all about maximising effectiveness while minimising wastage and expense. There are two areas where print management can have the desired impact: inside print and outside print. Inside print refers to your internal administration, outside print to your marketing materials. We’re going to look at the former today, and suggest how you can trim the fat and improve efficiency in your inside print processes.

Audit inside print

The first step is to audit your inside print and suss out the lay of the land. Before you can start streamlining processes, saving money and preserving resources, you need to find out where you use print throughout your business. Where and when is the office printer at its busiest, and which of these uses are nonessential?

Consolidate print tasks

Often, inside print inefficiencies are a result of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Everyone and no-one is in charge of inside print, meaning that files go to the printer twice when they didn’t need printing at all and ink and paper refills are ordered before they’re really required. Clever print management is about consolidating your print tasks and placing them under the care of a single employee. When one individual becomes intimately acquainted with your inside print and is made accountable for print management, issues of inefficiency can be quickly and effectively resolved

Print management is all about improving your company’s relationship with print – whether that means revolutionising your print marketing campaigns or saving money and resources across your inside print processes. Print Approved can help you to audit inside print, reduce unnecessary wastage and offer you a cost -effective approach to your print procurement.

Print Approved offer a free print audit service. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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