COVID-19 – Get Back To Work Safely

COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage

  • Keep safe with your own Branded Social Distancing Signage
  • In compliance with the NHS and World Health Organisation

Our ‘Social Distancing Signage’ is our latest range of products that ensures organisations can continue to function, even in the midst of a crisis, operating in as a safe and hygienically clean environment as possible.

Now more than ever, hygiene, safe and sensible practices are vital to ensure your staff and the general public’s wellbeing.  Clear and effective communications have never been more important!

Here is just a sample of over 60 products available:-

  •  Floor Graphics
  •  Hand Wash Posters
  •  One Way System Posters
  •  Bollard Covers
  •  Full Face Visors
  •  Face Masks


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Print Approved appear in two publications in one month!

Really pleased to have had two articles published in two magazines this past month. Great exposure to our local business community, plus interesting content, (well I would say that)!  One article covered our chosen charity of the year and the second, briefly touches on how print is one of the most eco-carbon friendly industries out there. I personally think our sector is really mis-judged in relation to deforestation and carbon footprint. Given the chance, I always try to educate people who aren’t in the print world about the ‘myths and actual facts’. 

Firstly, which always astounds people isA 2019 survey highlighted that 59% of European consumers believe European forests are shrinking, when in fact they have been growing by an area equivalent to 1,500 football pitches every day;

Secondly, paper is biodegradable – A renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of people throughout the world.  Working forests are good for the environment, providing clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat & carbon storage...

…”so, how is your industry committed in helping save the planet”?Publication 1

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Hope Restored – Charity of the year 2020

Creating a brand identity and producing a range of marketing products for local charity Hope Restored, Llandudno, who provide an amazing service for the homeless and vulnerable. We just had to have them as our Charity of the year for 2020.BRENDA AND STEVE BANNER


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Shout Out To Steve – Llandudno RNLI

Steve ShoutBig shout out to everyone who helped to promote Llandudno Lifeboat RNLI Fundraising Supporters Group on the photo shoot for their upcoming day trip to Liverpool, raising funds for the Llandudno Lifeboat.  Great to see the local community getting involved.  Steve certainly enjoying dressing up in the crew kit, especially as he’s not a fan of being in a boat on water!

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Successful Deganwy Beach Clean

Another great turnout for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) down at Deganwy Beach last week.  Print Approved joined MCS along with local businesses and residents to help clear a stretch of beach on the North Wales Coast.  This time, plastic didn’t appear to be the main culprit with finds from fishing lines/nets to a battered metal framed deck chair, oh and one very large heavy object, a concrete lamp post!  Local council are being informed of this and will make the necessary arrangements to have it removed.  Well done to everyone who turned out to help.Deganwy Beach Clean (2)

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Plight of the Snow Leopard – Welsh Mountain Zoo

Recently I was reading an article about the Welsh Mountain Zoo and their Silk Road Project.  The project was started to raise funds to build completely new accommodation for their Snow Leopards, which would create a representation of the mountainous regions in which this endangered species lives. The Silk Road will also forge links with China and the Himalayan Mountains, exploring the Chinese culture, language, environment and species that originate from there.

The new accommodation for these beautiful creatures will be significantly larger than the current enclosure, and will have a more varied environment and enhanced enrichment opportunities.

The Snow Leopards at the Welsh Mountain Zoo are part of the European Breeding Programme and have already produced two beautiful cubs who have also moved on to create more breeding pairs, helping the survival of this amazing species.

All of us here at Print Approved couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by without donating to this worthwhile cause for these magnificent, majestic creatures could all too well become extinct if it wasn’t for the dedication of people like those at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.


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Admin Team Get Jammy

Betty potsJust some of the many RNLI Bettys Pots the admin team have labelled for the Llandudno Lifeboat RNLI.   The idea for Betty’s 5p Pots first came from Betty Frith, who was the Honorary Treasurer for over 20 years at the Hertford branch of the (RNLI). Since then they have taken off around the country and are flying out at Llandudno.  So next time your near a Lifeboat Station and your willing to save up those 5p’s, simply call in, pick up  a jar and start collecting.

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This year we’ve decided to shake things up a bit and do something entirely different than in previous years.  Our support this year goes to what we have aptly named as ‘Everything Coastal’.  We’ll be supporting the Marine Conservation Society, the RNLI and family run organisation, Less Plastic.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK’s leading marine charity. Their work helps to ensure that our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected.

“Our seas are under immense pressure: too many fish are being taken out, too much rubbish is being thrown in and too little is being done to protect our precious wildlife. Our vision is for seas full of life where nature flourishes and people thrive”. Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

We’re supporting Less Plastic because, like us they are passionate about raising awareness of the issues caused by the ocean plastic crisis, with the aim offer alternative ways to keep our oceans free of plastic, easy things we can all do with the ultimate goal of making a difference.

Last but certainly not least the RNLI.  Some of us may forget that we live on an island and the RNLI is a voluntary organisation who save lives at sea. Every day throughout any given year, people of all walks of life get into danger in the water.

Earlier in the year we made a start in volunteering for the MCS beach clean up in North Wales and what proved to be a challenging afternoon picking up all sorts of rubbish from plastic cotton buds, old fishing nets to parts of masts from sailing boats whilst battling stormy, wet, freezing and blustery weather, although the seagulls were having a field day swooping down to catch the copious amounts of squid that were washing up onto the jetty.

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Little Stevie Takes First Steps

stevie 2Congratulations to proud Dad Mikael on Stevie’s first steps!stevie 1

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African Update – Spring 2018

Mikael has recently finished training to become an Official Tourist Guide in Gambia (OTG).  He is now a official uniformed and badged freelance, private tour guide and is bound by a strict code of conduct and are licensed by the Gambian Tourism Authority.

The OTG scheme is there to enhance visitors’ holiday experience, and at the same time improve the job situation of the young, reduce poverty through improved incomes and to reduce the harassment of tourists visiting The Gambia.

An OTG can be booked for almost anything from a simple task like taking you around the local shops, to something more engaging such as going with you on an up-country trip lasting a number of days.  They can be very useful by taking you to locations you may otherwise not know about, revealing and explaining some local customs, and acting as your translator.

Recently Mikael took a family of Dutch tourists to t he Kachikally Crocodile Pool , in Bakau. The Pool is known by local Gambians for its healing powers and as a place where people come to pray for blessings.  Many Gambians  with long-term ailments or misfortune go to the pool for luck and offer kola nuts, cloth and other offerings to the Bojang family and the crocs in return. Sacred rituals are still occasionally held here; often accompanied by dancing and drumming, most of the time, however, the only visitors are tourists

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